The Vertical Ballroom
The happiest place on earth

The Vertical Ballroom

(Floor 3 / 1,500 people)

The Vertical Ballroom stands 8 meters high, and is wide open from front to back allowing for unobstructed views, and cool air flow. Acoustically engineered, the floorplan is the perfect home for our Top Quality DB Audio Technology made in Italy and used by top performance spaces worldwide. For more style and design just look up to see a brilliant wave like crystal chandeliers running the length of the ceiling, pairing beautifully with elegant blue and gold wave carpet to capture a subtle nautical and sophisticated theme.

Alongside the Vertical Ballroom are corridors built for bountiful buffet lines, stocked with the finest kitchenware and silverware for outstanding presentation.

The Vertical Ballroom has successfully hosted numerous events including giant wedding parties, corporate showcases, Countless seminars, Australian Chamber of Commerce, German Chamber of Commerce, Oktoberfest, large exclusive concerts, and many other major events in Pattaya.


LED 535 inch

1,000 (sq.m)

8 M.

Max. 1,500 Pax

JBL Sound System