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Mytt Hotel's
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Our priority is the quality of ingredients, healthy living, and enjoyable atmosphere

Taste is just one part of our full experience. We specialize in different dining environments to create different feelings and different dining experiences every time. For us, the full experience is greater than the taste. Enjoy Thai food, Cafe selections, and Casual Dining throughout Mytt, and find us for Afternoon Tea at our Club Lounge (The Living Space) on floor 15

Wantana Restaurant

(Ground floor)

As Thai’s, our love for seafood is unmatched. Wantana recreates traditional Thai seafood recipes passed down through our grandmother Khun Wantana. For fresh seafood married with the taste and warmth of a home cooked meal, look no further than our ground floor.

Pippa Restaurant

(Floor 19, Rooftop)

Split into 5 different zones, Each with a different feel, Pippa is the ultimate rooftop retreat. Fashioned as a jungle paradise overlooking the sea and high above the city, it is Pattaya’s most famous rooftop, featuring the best grilled entrees, including premium steak, seafood and other delectable menu items with an asian twist, heavily influenced by high end Japanese cuisine. And of course what rooftop would be complete without an exceptional bar and outstanding live music

Lola's Dream

(Floor 12A)

Young and playful, the fun and fancy poolside cafe is full of colorful photo ops and social media moments. Impossible to miss, Lola Dreams nourishes swimmers with a refreshing mix of cocktails, mocktails and fruit shakes among other common cold beverages. Endorsing our playful infinity pool scene is our iconic Red Balloon Dog sculpture by New York Artist Jeff Koons, but not even great contemporary art can beat the natural beauty of the setting sun, seen perfectly from the cafe space.

The Living Space

(Club Lounge, Floor 15)

Designed as a refreshing co-working space, the club lounge is the goto space in Mytt to work in peace. Amenities include private meeting rooms, free and speedy Wi-Fi for strong reliable connections, and a barista on duty ready to make a selection of tea and coffee drinks. Get there by 2PM for Afternoon Tea, complete with all the typical fixings.